Sarah and George

Hospital Water Birth

My labour started on a thursday, I was at my mum’s house and the surges felt comfortable and manageable. It wasn’t until much later in the evening, back at home that the surges became intense enough that I felt the need to call triage. I had a bath, watched some ‘Friends’ and kept my endorphins flowing. Unfortunately, the birthing centre I had planned to labour in was full and I had to be directed to the hospital birthing suite. We had a 40 min drive and I arrived just 2cm dilated.  Not wanting to go home, I spent the next hour walking about the ward with my ‘Waves of Relaxation’ mp3 on headphones and George encouraging me to remain relaxed and use my hypnobirthing techniques. 

When I was re-examined I was 4cm dilated and ready to get into the birthing where I continued to play my relaxation music and continued with my surge breath. Though I anticipated being quiet during surges (like in the videos we’d seen at hypnobirthing), my experience felt much more animalistic, breathing through the discomfort with long, low groans (my husband likened it to a dinosaur!). My husband tried soothing strokes but I preferred to be alone and in my own ‘zone’ at this stage with my eyes closed and focused on my breathing. He was supportive in reminding me to refrain from tensing up and use my breathing to control the surges. As the surges continued to intensify, I felt the need to ‘bear down’ as I could feel my baby’s head moving further down. My Midwife offered the advice of breathing into my bottom instead of my louder, more animal-like noises, and within (what felt like) 3 contractions my baby was born. The midwives passed my baby up through my legs where I was then able to hold him in my arms and announce that he was a little boy. I was able to cut the cord when it had stopped pulsating. Our baby boy weighed 9.6lbs and he was absolutely perfect.