Tash and Oli

I am 28 weeks pregnant with our second baby, and I wanted to give an insight into how I’m feeling about everything having completed the Henley Hypnobirthing course.

Up until around 20 weeks, I hadn’t really contemplated that fact that I would need to give birth again. I knew that I wasn’t looking forward to it and I needed to do something different this time around. The labour and birth of our first child was tricky. I simply wasn’t in control. What followed was a difficult time of emotional and physical pain, and of disappointment that I couldn’t give my baby everything I had desperately wanted to.

Up until starting hypnobirthing with Sarah a month ago, I was a crying, hormonal mess. I was frightened and anxious about what may or may not happen, and I couldn’t see past it.

I was convinced that this time would be just as traumatic as the first.

Now, I feel like that couldn’t be further from the truth. I feel strong and able. Not just to give birth, but to make decisions about what is best for me and my baby, during pregnancy, birth and after. Through her unwavering support, knowledge and undeniable belief in hypnobirthing, Sarah has armed me, and my husband, with the tools that we really needed and wanted. My body and mind have got this! And whatever is thrown at us, I know we can get through it with the effective and powerful techniques we’ve been taught.As it happens, I have opted for an elective c section this time around. And I could not have come to that decision without Sarah’s help and without the aid of hypnobirthing.

I can go into it this time feeling calm, relaxed and in control. Not petrified and alone. I am prepared and know I can face any curve ball with a positive mindset.What I wanted to get across by writing this, is that hypnobirthing isn’t just for the act itself. There is so much in the way of preparation, mentally and emotionally. Sarah makes you feel empowered and strong.

We have just enrolled in the extended hypnobirthing sessions given by Sarah that are designed for woman having elective c sections. I’m looking forward to learning even more about what my mind and body are capable of! We are excited about the birth of our baby, and I can’t wait to share with you how I used hypnobirthing to bring our son into the world!