Tash and Oli

A beautiful Caesarean Birth story bursting with confidence, control, excitement and love.

Thursday 14th May 2020

 5.30AM – today is the day! I’m so excited to meet our baby boy! Crazy to think that this time tomorrow, he’ll be here! I’m so intrigued to know what he’ll look like. I’m feeling really positive about my booked caesarean section. The fact that I’m feeling so relaxed just reiterates that I’ve made the right choice for us.

6AM – I take a tablet to make sure there is no acid in my tummy. I’m not allowed to eat or drink – I’m so thirsty!  

7AM – we leave for the hospital! I feel quite prepared this time around, my hospital bag contains all the home comforts I didn’t pack when I had my first child. I know that Oli isn’t going to be allowed to come on the ward afterwards because of the virus, so I’m feeling a little apprehensive about that side of things. On our way to the hospital, I hope things haven’t changed overnight and he’s still allowed at the birth!

7.30AM – we’ve arrived at the maternity unit! I’ve given my notes to the midwives and they’ve led us into a side room. The anaesthetist comes to chat to us, and then the surgeon comes and introduces herself. She’s quite scary, but I like how ‘on-the’ball’ she seemed! She’ll just get the job done I think! 😉

8AM – 2 lovely midwives explain that they’ll be looking after me throughout the procedure. Even though everyone is wearing masks, they all have really kind eyes. They hand Oli and I our ‘uniform’ for the op – Oli looks quite sexy, aside from the awful pair of crocs he’s given to wear. I obviously can’t wear knickers beneath my gown, so my bottom is sticking out the back. The midwives explain that there’s 3 of us having sections today, so when they’ve seen all of us, they’ll let us know what order we’ll be in. To be honest, I don’t mind if I’m first or last, just that I’m starving!!!

8.20AM – One of the midwives comes in and says ‘right, you’re up, lets go!’. I can’t quite believe it – maybe I do mind going first?! There’s not really much time to gather thoughts. Oli seems excited! We’re being led up the stairs to theatre – we’re about to meet our baby! I’m feeling a little nervous now, and I do some deep breathing to calm myself. I’m also focussed on my thirst, which is driving me a bit mad, so I remind myself that I can have a drink soon. Thank god I’m not focussing on the fact I’m about to have a major operation?! I actually feel calm about this fact…

8.30AM – Oli and I are led into a room, and we are told this is where we will spend 2 hours after the op. Oli is allowed to stay for this time, then he has to leave. I know he’s really gutted. I’m not really thinking about that at this stage, just that I need a wee but there’s no loos up here, but I’ll have a catheter soon!

I’m not sure what the time is now as I’m led to theatre. Oli is being looked after by the 2 nice midwives (😉) whilst I’m sat on the bed getting my spinal block inserted. This is the part where I had to go to my ‘happy place’, because the pressure of the block at the bottom of my back is really uncomfortable, and it takes a while. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply gets me through it.

I lay down on the bed and everything else the doctors and anaesthetist do around me is a bit of a blur. All I know is that I love the weightless feeling of the spinal block, and I’m so excited that we’re nearly there! I’m the only one in the room that doesn’t have to wear a face mask – thank goodness because with the screen up in front of me, I think I’d feel quite suffocated. I also don’t want to meet my son for the first time with a mask on.

The surgeon comes in and begins! I can see everything in the mirrored light above me, and its amazing to watch! I feel quite nauseous so continue to breathe deeply. Oli’s holding my hand and is just so excited! He’s watching what the surgeon is doing, even though I don’t think he’s meant to.

8.55AM – our baby boy is here! I see the surgeon lift him out of me in the mirror! She holds him up over the screen and the first thing I say is ‘Oh my god he’s so cute!’. He doesn’t cry but is awake. Oli is ecstatic! The baby is taken off by the 2 midwives and Oli goes with them. I can hear them all talking, and Oli tells me he’s fine, but needs to cry to get some fluid off his lungs. The baby is just so relaxed! That’s a hypno baby! 😊 He weighs 9lbs – I knew he’d be a big boy.

The stitching up takes a long time compared to how quickly it took to get the baby out! They put the baby on my chest for a bit, and he’s so scrummy and lovely! But I feel quite nauseous and a bit claustrophobic, so Oli takes him. There was quite a lot of blood, so there’s so mopping going on around me. The surgeon tells me I have a really neat scar! I realise I’ve been holding the anaesthetists hand the whole time, and thank her over and over again, as she really was lovely and warm and reassuring.

My elective caesarean section was a positive and great experience for me. My recovery was quicker than that of my vaginal birth with my first child, and I felt so calm and relaxed the entire time. There was no panic, no ‘out-of-control’ feeling, and we absolutely have Sarah to thank for that. Not only for the tools she gave me to use during the birth, but also for enabling us to make our own decisions in the first place.