Why Should You Choose Hypnobirthing?

You might be someone who thinks that there is no point in preparing for birth. Or someone who thinks that you’ll have to believe in hypnobirthing for it to work. Maybe you don’t think it works because your friend still had a caesarean. If you can spare me a few minutes I’ll explain why hypnobirthing does work – when taught ‘The Henley Hypnobirthing’ way – and debunk any misconceptions you might have.

Traditional hypnobirthing combines breathing and relaxation techniques with hypnosis to create a positive birth mindset. By understanding the physiology of birth and re-learning any negative thoughts surrounding birth as positive ones, you can teach the subconscious part of your brain that birth is positive, safe and natural. Without this mindset, your subconscious thinks you are putting yourself in danger and will try to slow or even stop labour altogether. Instead, by learning relaxation techniques you can let go of any fears surrounding birth and embrace it as a positive experience. Through this practice, women have reported calmer, more comfortable and less fearful births.

At Henley Hypnobirthing, I teach the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, which uses all these traditional methods but also advocates a right birth on the right day ethos. This method allows you to have a realistic picture of your birth – rather than an idealised one – so you can be open and able to deal with any curveballs that may be thrown your way. 

On a 10 hour course with me, you’ll learn all elements of hypnobirthing – build a positive mindset and learn simple yet powerful physical and emotional relaxation techniques. These ensure your mind and body work together to have a birth that is right for you. 

That said, life sometimes throws curveballs and all the preparation in the world can’t predict what might happen. That’s where this course will teach you how to remain in control and confident, able to communicate with your medical care team, ask the right questions and understand the choices that you may have along the way.

Through learning and practising these skills you’ll not only have a calm, controlled labour but will also be able to look back on your child’s birth – no matter how it occurred – and know it was right for the both of you.


Because it works. You may not get a pain-free, silent, water birth – though you very well could – but you will have a positive, empowering birth that ultimately, you are in control of.

From the words of The Wise Hippo Programme a positive birth experience is a state of mind; it’s not defined by what happens during labour and birth but how a woman feels about her baby’s birth. 

Take a look at my blog and birth stories page from couples who have taken the course.

Hypnobirthing is not a spiritual practice, it is a combination of relaxation techniques and positive mindset that prepares you for a positive birth outcome. 

There are countless articles and research out there (have a look at my blog for some of these) that identify the mind-body link and how what we are thinking – and most importantly believing – can impact how the body responds.

Many of the techniques I teach are skills for life and parents frequently comment on how valuable they become beyond labour and birth.

You’ll never have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, though by learning more about hypnosis and understanding it as deep relaxation, you may want to give it another try.

Have you ever driven to work and not remember the drive, found yourself so deep in a daydream that you’ve forgotten where you are, been so engrossed in a film or book that you have no idea what else is going on around you?

These are all states of trance (hypnosis) and no different to how you’ll feel in our hypnobirthing sessions. You’ll also learn how you can consciously reach this state of relaxation at your own time which is not only useful for the day of the birth but for parenthood too.

Dads and/or birth partners can get so much from hypnobirthing. The birth partner is the protector and main support to mum. Naturally a lot of the course content provides tools and information to empower them too. But don’t just take it from me, here are thoughts from a dad that I’ve worked with:

When we were first told about hypnobirthing I was not convinced, it all sounded a bit too hippy. Saying that, once we began hearing all of the negative stories about births – C-sections, emergency rooms, ambulances etc., I was ready to do anything that would give us the ammunition to take control of our birth. After all, I am not the one that has to push the baby out and I was ready to support my wife anyway I could. The course was fascinating, it taught us so much about the way the body works during labour, what we can do to promote a natural birth and how to stay calm and in control. I knew my role and I was prepared so I could support my wife during labour, make decisions and stay calm. I am so proud of my wife and I am glad I didn’t let my preconceptions get in the way, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – George

HH provided a fantastic and fun environment for me and my partner to prepare ourselves for our baby’s arrival. No questions were off the table, we had so many laughs and learnt so much along the way. A favourite for us was how Sarah shared her own experiences - she was open and honest. We didn’t get the birth we planned for but we were able to use a lot of what we learned, making our experience more memorable and special for us. I would highly recommend HH. I will definitely be returning for top up classes when we are ready for baby no.2.
Katherine & Callum